Bylls is a Bitcoin payments and exchange service which allows Canadians to pay bills and send bank transfers to Canadian individuals and businesses with Bitcoin. Bylls is a full banking-as-a-service platform which lets Bitcoin users completely opt-out of the banking system.

How does it work?

Bylls allows users that have bitcoins to send a payment in Canadian dollars to any third-party biller or personal payee. Bylls will buy the bitcoins from the user and pay the user by sending Canadian dollars to the recipient of the user’s choosing, including to the user’s own bank account.

Paying bills with Bylls is extremely simple. Here is a step-by-step:

  • Select an amount in Canadian dollars that you want the recipient to receive
  • Select your biller by searching our list or enter the bank account information of a personal payee
  • Bylls will generate a price quote with fees displayed
  • Send the exact amount of bitcoins to the bitcoin address displayed
  • After 1 confirmation, your payment will be registered and Bylls will send the Canadian dollars to the recipient on your behalf.

Which bills can you pay?

There are over 7000 different bills on the list, which means you can pay pretty much anything! You can pay:

  • Credit cards and lines of credit
  • Electricity, internet, phone
  • Numerous taxes, water bills
  • Insurance, legal fees, rent, etc.

You can create your own biller very easily. For example: a cleaning company, an employee, a landlord, a friend, etc. Simply enter his bank account number and contact information, and you have your own custom biller.